Japanese Version

Updates of SSI Libraries

31 Oct 2007

The Scalable Software Infrastructure Project, supported by the "Core
Research for Evolutional Science and Technology" (CREST) program of the 
Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), is pleased to announce 
the second major international release of our numerical libraries.

The object of the SSI project is the development of basic libraries
for large scale scientific simulations which have been developed
separately in each field, and its integration into a scalable software
infrastructure. The components include a scalable iterative solvers
library Lis, having a number of solvers, preconditioners, and matrix
storage formats that are flexibly combinable, a fast Fourier transform
library FFTSS for various superscalar architectures with SIMD
instructions, which outperforms some vendor-provided FFT libraries,
and a language- and computing environment-independent matrix
computation framework SILC.  The latest version of the SSI Libraries
are now distributed under the modified BSD license and can be downloaded
from the following URL:

* http://www.ssisc.org/

Supported New Features

* Lis
     Portability for various computing environments from Windows PC
     to IBM Blue Gene, Cray XT, and NEC SX series (including the Earth Simulator)

     Parallel multidimensional transforms for distibuted memory systems

     Support for control flow statements in the console program


We appreciate any kind of feedback, including comments, questions,
feature requests, bug reports and patches. 

The SSI Project 
Akira Nishida, Department of Computer Science, The University of Tokyo,
7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8656, Japan.