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The object of the SSI project is the development of basic libraries for large scale scientific simulations which have been developed separately in each field, and its integration into a scalable software infrastructure. The components include a scalable iterative solvers library Lis, having a number of solvers, preconditioners, and matrix storage formats that are flexibly combinable, a fast Fourier transform library FFTSS for various superscalar architectures with SIMD instructions, which outperforms some vendor-provided FFT libraries, and a language- and computing environment-independent matrix computation framework SILC.


Lis is a library of scalable iterative solvers for linear systems. It supports a wide range of iterative solvers, preconditioners, and storage formats, for both serial and parallel programming environments.


FFTSS is a library for fast Fourier transorms which supports various computer architectures. It consists a large set of high performance kernel routines to be automatically selected and tuned to construct plans for each computing environment.


SILC is an application framework that allows users to make use of matrix computation libraries independently of particular computing environments and programming languages. Using SILC, users can easily make use of alternative solvers and matrix storage formats, possibly of different libraries, without modifications in user programs. Please feel free to send comments and requests to devel@ssisc.org.

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