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FFTSS: A Fast Fourier Transform Library

This software is a part of the result of the project 'Scalable Software Infrastructure(SSI)' supported by "Development of Software Infrastructure for Large Scale Scientific Simulation", Core Research for Evolutional Science and Technology(CREST) Program, Japan Science and Technology Agency(JST).

FFTSS is an open source library for computing the Fast Fourier Transform. Since FFTW is already the de facto standard FFT library, we made the interfaces of this library almost compatible with those of FFTW. This makes it easy to run your applications coded for FFTW.

The FFTSS library includes various FFT kernel routines. In each computing envirionment, the best set of the kernels is selected by trial runs of them. This is because it is difficult to detemine which source program generates the fastest code.

The SSI Project

The URL of the official home page of this project is changed to http://www.ssisc.org/ .
The page will be not accessible with http://ssi.is.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp/ in the future.